AI Replacing Game Devs? 5 AI Generated Game Concepts

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    The fear of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not born from an imminent threat of destruction, but rather from the apprehension of obsolescence. As technology evolves and becomes increasingly integrated into our daily lives, the notion that machines could one day surpass human intelligence looms ominously.

    YouTube is awash with tutorials, showcasing the myriad of ways in which AI tools such as ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion can generate streams of income. Yet, the most controversial of these tools remains the image-to-text models like Midjourney, that has the capability of transforming mere prompts into visually striking masterpieces.

    In light of these advancements, we cannot help but wonder – should we be afraid of AI?

    Will AI replace us?

    To shed light on this question, we conducted an experiment that aimed to explore the creative potential of AI. We tasked OpenAI’s GPT3 and Midjourney with the challenge of designing five triple-A video games with a limited set of prompts. The result was a testament to the impressive ability of AI to bring imaginative concepts to life.

    However, the question remains – can machines truly replicate the intricate complexities of the human mind and its innate ability for creativity? The outcome of our experiment offers a glimpse into the potential of AI and provides a thought-provoking perspective on this rapidly evolving technology.

    Shadow Assassin

    Tag Line: "Become the blade in the shadows."
    Tag Line: “Become the blade in the shadows.”

    Plot & Story: In a world where magic and technology coexist, players take on the role of a highly skilled assassin who must navigate political intrigue and use stealth and cunning to complete missions.

    Gameplay: The game is a stealth-action hybrid with a focus on player choice and consequence. The player must use their wit and agility to outsmart guards and overcome obstacles, with a deep leveling system that allows them to customize their skills and playstyle.

    Shadow Assassin main character.
    Shadow Assassin main character.

    Main Character: The protagonist is a mysterious figure known only by their code name, “Shadow.” They have a dark and brooding demeanor, with piercing green eyes and a scar across their cheek. They wear a black hooded cloak and carry a variety of weapons, including throwing knives and a short sword.

    My Thoughts: Very generic game theme and main protagonist. Using the description the AI generated for the character and the cover art, Midjourney struggled not to give us something that resembled an Assassin’s Creed rip-off.

    Infinite Voyager

    Infinite Voyager cover art
    Tag Line: “Explore the endless frontier.”

    Plot & Story: Players take on the role of a space explorer in a vast, procedurally generated universe filled with danger and discovery.

    Gameplay: The game is a procedurally generated, open-world space adventure that allows players to chart their own course and make choices that shape their journey. They must manage resources, upgrade their ship, and engage in intense space battles as they encounter alien races and uncover the secrets of the universe.

    Infinite Voyager main character.
    Infinite Voyager main character.

    Main Character: The protagonist is a seasoned space explorer with a strong sense of adventure and determination. They have short, spiky black hair and piercing blue eyes, with a scar above their eyebrow from a previous encounter with a hostile alien race. They wear a sleek, high-tech spacesuit and carry a variety of advanced weapons and tools.

    My Thoughts: This game sounds like No Man’s Sky meets Elite Dangerous, with the procedaral generation and survival element from No Man’s Sky and the intense dogfights from Elite Dangerous. Although the concept seems appealing, this is nothing new and there’s an abundance of similar games you can choose from.

    Bloodlust Gladiator

    Bloodlust Gladitor cover art
    Tag Line: “Fight to survive in the deadliest arena.”

    Plot & Story: In a brutal, dystopian future, players take on the role of a gladiator fighting for their life in the Bloodlust arena. They must battle their way through a variety of deadly matches to gain fame and fortune.

    Gameplay: The game is a fast-paced, action-packed fighting game with a focus on strategy and skill. Players can choose from a variety of weapons and abilities, and must use their wits and strength to overcome their opponents and survive in the arena.

    Bloodlust Gladitor main character.

    Main Character: The protagonist is a battle-hardened warrior with a fearless spirit and a thirst for glory. They have short, wild hair and a rugged, scarred appearance. They wear a mixture of armor and leather, with a variety of weapons strapped to their belt.

    My Thoughts: A multiplayer arena combat game based in a dystopian future? Think For Honour but more like Mad Max with crazy weapons, guns and even vehicles. First actual original game?


    Rubenound cover art
    Tag Line: “Unleash the power of ancient magic.”

    Plot & Story: In a world filled with mythical creatures and powerful magic, players take on the role of a rune mage, unlocking the secrets of ancient runes to harness their power.

    Gameplay: The game is a open-world action-RPG with a focus on exploration and discovery. Players must use their mastery of magic to defeat enemies, solve puzzles, and uncover the secrets of the world. The game features a deep leveling system and a variety of skills to choose from, allowing for a high degree of customization.

    Runebound main character.
    Runebound main character generated by AI.

    Main Character: The protagonist is a young and talented rune mage with a thirst for knowledge. They have bright blue eyes and a determined expression, with their hair tied back in a ponytail. They wear a mixture of leather armor and cloth robes, adorned with symbols of magic.

    My Thoughts: After reading this I immediately thought, “aa, a JRPG game.” There are hundreds of games about little nove


    Cybersphere cover art
    Tag Line: “Enter the digital realm.”

    Plot & Story: In a future where humanity is heavily integrated with technology, players take on the role of a rogue hacker navigating the virtual reality world of the Cybersphere.

    Gameplay: The game is a fast-paced, cyberpunk-inspired action-adventure game with a focus on hacking and infiltration. Players must use their technical skills and cunning to overcome obstacles, outwit security systems, and uncover a sinister plot threatening the stability of the digital world.

    AI generated game protagonist.
    AI generated game protagonist.

    Main Character: The protagonist is a charismatic and skilled hacker, with a quick wit and a love for technology. They have black hair and piercing green eyes, and wear a high-tech outfit with a variety of gadgets and tools.

    My Thoughts: A Matrix meets Deus Ex game would actually be really cool, although it’s nothing original.

    AI won’t replace creatives.

    The conclusion of our experiment begs the question: Can Artificial Intelligence truly surpass the imaginative capabilities of the human mind? The results, it seems, speak for themselves.

    Despite the impressive achievements of GPT3 and Midjourney in generating the outlines of five potential triple-A video games, the reality is that they are still bound by their training data, a limited pool of knowledge imparted upon them by their human creators.

    AI may be able to mimic the structures and patterns of human thought, but it lacks the capacity for inspiration and originality that drives human creativity. The games generated by our AI are merely rough sketches, devoid of the rich details and intricate nuance that imbue truly great works with life.

    AI generated screenshot of "Cybersphere."
    AI generated screenshot of “Cybersphere.”

    It takes the imaginative spirit of a human being to truly bring these concepts to life. As I read through the AI’s descriptions of each game, I found myself bored and uninspired. It wasn’t until I allowed my own imagination to run wild that the potential for greatness truly came to light.

    The musings of the mind can often transcend beyond the realm of simple prompts and algorithms. Bloodlust Gladiator, one of the games generated by the AI, may have been described as a “brutal arena combat game set in a dystopian future,” but it was the imagination of the human mind that truly brought the concept to life. A Mad Max meets For Honour multiplayer arena game with crazy weapons and vehicles? The mere thought alone is enough to stir the hearts of gamers everywhere.

    Artificial intelligence may have the ability to generate ideas, but it cannot match the raw creative potential of the human mind. Our imaginations can run wild, taking a simple description and molding it into something truly awe-inspiring. The AI may have started the process, but it was the human touch that elevated it to greatness.

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    In a world where the line between man and machine is becoming increasingly blurred, it’s reassuring to know that the human spirit and imagination will always reign supreme. So, let us embrace the power of the mind, and let our imaginations run wild, for it is in this uncharted territory that true brilliance lies.

    The sad truth is, in recent years the video game industry has become increasingly homogenized, with triple-A releases growing increasingly generic and interchangeable. Our experiment raises the possibility that perhaps the industry is relying on AI to generate ideas and effectively replacing their own creativity with machine-generated drivel. The future of video games, it seems, is in the hands of those who are brave enough to dream.


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