Modern Warfare II is Designed to Gaslight Skilled Players

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    I’ve seen enough evidence to be 100% convinced that not only does Modern Warfare II boost casual gamers, but the game code actually actively nurfs skilled players, and Activision are gaslighting the hardcore fans.

    I have spent many years playing and enjoying the Call of Duty series of video games. In spite of the fact that I have invested thousands of hours into the series over the course of the past decade, I would still classify myself as a bottom fragger for the most part. In either case, it is something that has never really concerned me because, to tell you the truth, I am a filthy casual who plays the game for fun and in the company of other people.

    However, with the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (2022) something has changed. Either, from absolutely nowhere, I am now a CoD God, or there is some strange hidden code in there boosting me to the top of the leaderboards.

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    In both Modern Warfare (2019) and Black Ops Cold War (2020), I had the amazing kill-to-death ratio of 0.5. I am the person that people would pick last for a team, if it wasn’t for my awesome personality and my charm. I am a liability to any team, not an asset, but I do bring the vibes.

    Nila "Nova" Brown | Modern Warfare II (2022)

    Even though I clearly suck at Call of Duty, or just first-person-shooter games in general, I still love playing them, so I picked up a copy of Mondern Warfare II to play with my friends who, I might add, are much better than me. But somehow the tables have turned, and now I am better than them?

    It’s so bad that some of my old friends honestly believe that I am using cheats, and I don’t blame them. They know I’ve always been trash at this game, so what changed? Did I suddenly turn pro or is there some kind of code in the game that benefits me?

    Modern Warfare II nerfing skilled players?

    I did a bit of investigating and I discovered the following:

    • Players appear on my mini-map a lot ithout a UAV.
    • My aim temporarily locks on to players while ADSing.
    • My weapons seem to do more damage than my friends.
    • And other things.

    These are the things I noticed immediately. It’s like my team constantly has UAV up, even though we don’t. This usually gives me a major advantage over the other team.

    I play on controller and yet my AIDSing seems to be far more precise than my friends who play on keyboard and mouse. It also feels like my aim is sometimes a bit sticky, like it is in High on Life.

    I ran the same weapon as my friend with the same attachments. We also had the exact same loadout, yet somehow my gun did more damage and would kill a lot quicker. I tested this numerous times with multiple weapons and the result was consistant. On top of that, there were many other strange things that just felt unnatural.

    Mara | Warzone (2019)

    Although I don’t have proof, I am 100% convinced that either Modern Warfare II boosts filthy casuals like me, or nerfs the crap out of skilled players. Eithe way, Activision is gaslighting their dedicated fans who have spent hours playing the game and honing in their skills by not beinng transparent about this new “skillbased everytthing” system.

    It is almost like they are trying to drive away their most loyal fans and are trying to get more casual players in. But in all honesty, it is not going to work. Getting a kill in Modern Warfare II just doesn’t feel as rewarding as it does in past titles, because it doesn’t feel earned.

    Maybe there is some truth to this Modern Warfare II is rigged, especially considering that this patent filed by Activision the game’s development in 2019 literally explains how they are going to nerf skilled players and boost noobs like me.


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