Can you actually do it with Doja Cat in the House Party DLC?

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    Regarding the new Doja Cat-themed downloadable content (DLC) for House Party released by Eek! Games, there appears to be a lot of uncertainty. On Steam, the additional content is now rated as “mostly negative,” suggesting that it is the target of an intentional review bombing campaign. Fans are claiming that the developers have been giving them misleading information about the DLC.

    Adult adventure sim The new Doja Cat addon for House Party is receiving negative reviews due to a lack of “Adult Only” content.

    House Party is a “edgy comedic adventure game inspired by iconic ’90s comedies” like American Pie. It is developed and released by Eek Games. Every choice alters the narrative, and each character has something to reveal. There is also a button to undo the pants.”

    In other words, gamers can engage in combat or romantic encounters with any of the 15 non-player characters present at the aforementioned house party.

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    In October, House Party’s first ever expansion pack launched, featuring Doja Cat.

    Eek! Games related a statement saying:“This downloadable content (DLC) adds hours of fun new content and branching stories to the House Party game’s original story centered around and fully voice-acted by Doja Cat herself.”

    The announcement also included a statement promising “an intimacy scene with Doja Cat” in the highly anticipated DLC if you play your cards right. While many people are slamming the developers for false advertisement, you can actually unlock an intimate scene with Doja Cat in the expansion.

    Doja Cat intimacy scene House Party

    Sadly, the intimacy scene is very tame and censored and the Explicit Content Add-On does not spice the extra content up like gamers had hoped.

    “Total cash grab. I was very disappointed. They add a new character in a sex game, that you can’t have sex with. The Devs knew what they were doing. They knew they would get lots of sales for this DLC knowing full well people were expecting to be able to have sex with Doja Cat. Waste of money,” wrote one player.

     Another added:“It’s probably safe to assume that Doja didn’t want to have sexually explicit content with her likeness (which is understandable), but It’s pretty dumb to include her in a literal porn game if that’s the reason, especially under a price tag. Transparency with the consumer is important, and unfortunately Eek! Games dropped the ball.”

    “Waste of money. If you are expecting a NSFW scene with Doja Cat, then skip and save your money, bought the DLC then refunded it once i learned there was no sex in my sex game,” said another.

    Responding to comments about House Party being a “porn game”, developers Eek Games tweetd: “That’s a misconception. The base game doesn’t have any “porn” in it. It’s ESRB rated M for Mature 17+. You’re probably thinking of our Explicit Content Add-On DLC.”

    How to unlock Doja Cat intimacy scene.

    If you want to see this hot scene, this is how you do it. You must complete all of Doja Cat’s tasks to the highest possible standard in order to increase your relationship with her.

    First, meet Amala at her spot behind the fence. Here’s a complete guide to all of the dialogue options. Now, for getting Doja Cat into the party you absolutely need to choose the route labeled “The not-so-mean option.”

    Eek Games DLC

    This should get Amala into the party. Before you move onto the second guide, you need to give Amala two bottles of Natty Lite. Not three. Not one. TWO. This gets you some extra friendship points, though she’ll need a little time in between each one.

    The next step is to return Doja Cat to the celebration. For the entire rundown on it, refer to the aforementioned guide.

    With the end, you’ll need to assist Doja Cat in her show. But there are a few things you need to do first:

    • Get Stephanie dancing by the hot tub.
    • Give Brittney her shirt and invite her into the back yard.
    • Invite Lety to the party.
    • Invite Vickie to the party.
    • Grab the battery pack from the desk near where Frank sits.
    • Make sure Patrick is sober.

    If you’ve been following these instructions carefully, you should be woo-hooing with Doja Cat right about now and have unlocked the intimacy scene. Unfortunately, it’s not a very spicy scene and it’s cut short. There is also no added excitement from the Explicit Content Add-On.

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