Turning Cyberpunk 2077 into the Ultimate Adults-Only Game

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    Cyberpunk 2077: Ultimate Edition is releasing early next month so we thought we’d celebrate by sharing our NSFW mods that will spice up your experience.

    Cyberpunk 2077 is a game that’s already a pinnacle of adult-oriented gaming, offers an immersive experience filled with action, intrigue, and a healthy dose of mature content.

    But for those looking to amp up the adult nature of the game, there’s a world of mods out there that can turn your experience from steamy to volcanic. Here’s a guide to some of the most popular x-rated mods for Cyberpunk 2077.

    Love Couple, Bedroom & NSFW Poses

    Bedroom Poses
    Turning Cyberpunk 2077 into the Ultimate Adults-Only Game

    What it Does: This mod is for the creative at heart. It allows you to pose characters in a variety of ways, ranging from modeling to romantic, and yes, to some very steamy intimate moments. This is perfect for players who like to create scenes for personal fanfic or visual novels. It adds an extra layer of creativity and personalization to the game, making it your unique playground.

    Body Mod 2.0

    Body Mod 2.0
    Turning Cyberpunk 2077 into the Ultimate Adults-Only Game

    What it Does: Dive into a world of customization with Body Mod 2.0. This mod offers 40 unique body types, letting you sculpt your character to your exact specifications. But it’s not just about the shape; combined with the High PolyBody mod, every detail is enhanced and brought to life. And for that added touch of realism, the Enhanced Breast Jiggle Physics makes every movement more lifelike. It’s a mod that truly lets you personalize your character in unprecedented ways.

    Skimpy Clothes for Female V

    Skimpy Clothes
    Turning Cyberpunk 2077 into the Ultimate Adults-Only Game

    What it Does: As the name suggests, this mod introduces a range of skimpy clothing options for the female V character. It’s perfect for those who want their protagonist to have a more daring wardrobe, reflecting the game’s edgy and adult nature. This mod lets you express V’s personality and style in a way that the base game might not fully accommodate.


    Cyberpunk 2077 TV
    Turning Cyberpunk 2077 into the Ultimate Adults-Only Game

    What it Does: If you’re looking for a night in Night City that’s a bit different, this mod is for you. It replaces the regular TV content with more adult-themed shows and advertisements. It’s a small change but adds an extra layer of adult content to your home environment in the game, making those moments of downtime a bit more interesting.

    Judy Romance (Enhanced)

    Turning Cyberpunk 2077 into the Ultimate Adults-Only Game

    What it Does: For players who are fans of Judy and her storyline, this mod is a must-have. It adds variety to Judy’s behavior and interactions. With this mod, Judy doesn’t just stand at her window; she moves around her apartment, eats in her kitchen, showers, and sleeps in her bed. It makes her feel more like a living, breathing character within the world of Cyberpunk 2077. This mod enhances the realism and depth of your relationship with her.

    Safety and Installation Tips:

    • Before installing any mods, make sure you have a backup of your game files.
    • Ensure that your PC meets the requirements for running these NSFW mods, as some can be resource-intensive.
    • Always download NSFW mods from reputable sources to avoid malware or other issues.
    • Follow installation instructions carefully. Each mod might have different installation methods.

    Modding Cyberpunk 2077 with these adult-oriented additions can significantly enhance your gaming experience, especially if you’re looking to explore the game’s mature themes further.

    Each mod brings something unique to the table, whether it’s enhanced realism, personalization, or just more adult content. Remember, while modding can be fun, always do so responsibly and be aware of the game’s and the mods’ age ratings and content warnings. Enjoy your adventure in Night City, but in a way that’s tailor-made for your adult gaming preferences.


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