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    After putting the brand new alternative to Twitch TV through its paces, I found that the terms of service and content regulations on TrainwrecksTV backed are so lenient that I feel it may be an appealing choice for more provocative livestreamers.

    As it turns out, may not simply appeal to the public that is interested in gambling and slots; it may also turn out to be the new home for streamers who enjoy playing games that are prohibited on Twitch. Amazon’s livestreaming network is notorious for its stringent content rules. Not only can the use of particular phrases put your channel at danger of being deleted, but displaying in-game nudity or sex scenes will also earn you a swift suspension from the administrators of Twitch.

    Kick Twitch alternative less strict

    Twitch is adding a handful of new games to their banlist on the daily for sex, nudity, gratuitous gore, or extreme violence. Steam games that are labelled ‘Adult Only’ are prohobitted on the platform unless they are censored version of the game with an ESRB rating of Mature or lower.

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    Among the list of banned Twitch games are House Party, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and even Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy.

    Instead of completely banning people from streaming content that is not acceptable for all audiences, will just restrict your stream and attach a mature audience tag to it. By using this tag in your stream’s description, you may block certain types of adverts from appearing on your website and keep your stream from being featured on the homepage carousel.

    Even though kick’s community guidelines state that “18+ games” and “game nudity” are not forbidden, I thought it would be a good idea to test the waters by playing one of the naughtiest games I’m familiar with, which is Captain Hardcore; an x-rated VR Sci-Fi shooter.

    After one and a half hours, during which time I gave her a few gentle spankings, fondled her, and made her gag against her will, my broadcast remained intact. Keep in mind that I had a maximum of only approximately eight viewers during that stream; hence, it is quite possible that the admins did not notice my stream. Even yet, according to the instructions that they had provided, I wasn’t doing anything that was prohibited.

    Captain Hardcore screenshot

    Since it has been approximately a week since my last stream, the Captain Hardcore VOD is still up, and my channel has not been actioned in any way, I am convinced that is fairly accepting of us kink gamers and they let us play Twitch banned games. As long as you do not display genuine nudity or pornographic content, you should be alright!


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