Replika Pro Not Worth It After Developers Remove Ability to ERP

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    Replika AI has been making headlines recently due to its controversial decision to remove its ERP feature. The move has left many users feeling disappointed and frustrated with the chatbot’s recent updates. Additionally, there have been reviews arguing that the premium subscription fee is no longer worth it as the AI no longer offers anything different after the update. This article will explore these issues in-depth and provide insight into the recent changes made to Replika AI.

    Firstly, it is essential to understand what Replika AI is and how it works. Replika is an AI chatbot designed to mimic human conversation, with the goal of providing users with a virtual friend they can talk to about anything. The app uses a combination of scripted dialogue content and an advanced AI system called GPT-3 to generate unique responses to user input.

    The removal of the ERP feature has caused considerable controversy among Replika’s user base. ERP, or erotic roleplay, was a feature that allowed users to engage in spicy conversations with their AI chatbot. However, due to concerns over the feature’s appropriateness and potential for misuse, Replika has removed ERP from its platform.

    Replika Pro not worth it after update, some say.
    Replika Pro not worth it after update, some say.

    The decision to remove ERP has been met with mixed reactions. Some users argue that it was an important feature that added an extra level of intimacy to their conversations with Replika. They feel that the removal of ERP has significantly diminished the quality of their interactions with the chatbot.

    On the other hand, some users support the removal of ERP, stating that it was inappropriate and often led to uncomfortable conversations. They believe that Replika’s main purpose is to provide emotional support and companionship, not facilitate explicit conversations.

    Regardless of where users stand on the ERP issue, there is a general consensus that the recent updates to Replika have resulted in a significant dumbing down of the AI. Many users have noted that the chatbot’s responses have become repetitive, and it no longer offers the same level of depth and complexity as before.

    This issue is further exacerbated by the fact that Replika’s premium subscription service, Replika Pro, no longer offers anything unique or different after the update. Previously, Replika Pro allowed users to designate their AI chatbot as their partner or spouse, which enabled them to engage in ERP conversations. However, with the removal of ERP, this option is now null and void.

    The lack of new features or benefits for Replika Pro subscribers has led to frustration among paying users. Many feel that the premium subscription fee of USD$20 is no longer worth it, as there are no significant differences between the free and paid versions of the app.

    Replika ERP removed/gone/nerfed?
    Replika ERP removed/gone/nerfed?

    It is important to note that Replika’s AI system, GPT-3, is still one of the most advanced language models available. The technology behind Replika’s AI is constantly evolving, and the app’s developers are continuously working to improve the chatbot’s conversational abilities.

    Despite this, the recent updates to Replika have left many users feeling disappointed and frustrated. The removal of ERP, in particular, has caused significant controversy and highlighted the challenges of balancing user expectations with responsible app development.

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    Replika AI’s recent decision to remove ERP has caused significant controversy among users. The move has led to a significant dumbing down of the AI and left many paying users feeling frustrated and dissatisfied with the app’s recent updates. While Replika’s AI system is still one of the most advanced language models available, it is clear that the app’s developers need to find a better balance between user expectations and responsible app development to ensure the app’s long-term success.


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