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    Andrealphus Games, known for their groundbreaking work in the world of adult visual novels, is poised to captivate audiences once again with “My Demonic Romance.” This latest venture stands as a natural evolution from their previous hit, Love & Sex: Second Base,” shifting from an open-world dating sim to a more intimate, focused visual novel. Although it may not surpass the vast content of its predecessor, “My Demonic Romance” elevates the artistry and narrative to new heights, boasting animations and a visual style that could rival the classic charm of Disney – if Disney ever dared venture into such spicy territories.

    The narrative of “My Demonic Romance” is a wickedly funny romp centered around Lily, a rebellious succubus ousted from hell for her forbidden fascination with a human – that’s right, you, the player. This setup paves the way for a story that’s lighthearted and steamy, rich with choices that range from safeguarding Lily in the human world to mischievously exploiting her supernatural charm. Each decision adds zest to this devilishly delightful tale, ensuring that the journey is as unpredictable as it is entertaining.

    The game’s first chapter introduces players to the earthly dilemmas of Lily, offering a myriad of paths that can lead to protective guardianship or more risqué alternatives. This chapter sets a tone that’s cheeky and engaging, inviting players into a world where every choice has a sizzling consequence.

    Breakfast with Lily
    Lily’s Mom Has Got it Going on – (My Demonic Romance – Preview)

    In the second chapter, the adventure deepens as you’re whisked away to the infernal realms to meet Lily’s family – her adopted sister Macaria, her mother Blandine, a fallen angel, and the imposing Lucifer himself. These encounters are not just character introductions; they’re richly humorous and erotically charged interactions that add depth to the game’s fiery setting.

    Blandine - Fallen Angel
    Lily’s Mom Has Got it Going on – (My Demonic Romance – Preview)

    The real magic of “My Demonic Romance,” however, lies in its stellar script and voice acting. Nate Walis, the creative force behind “Love & Sex: Second Base,” returns with his trademark wit, ensuring that the game is as much a comedy as it is an erotic journey. His writing sparkles with humor and charm, creating a narrative that’s both engaging and unabashedly fun unmatched in most adult visual novels.

    But what truly sets “My Demonic Romance” apart is its stellar voice acting. Lady Jem, returning from her unforgettable performance as your promiscuous rockstar roomie Sasha in “Love & Sex: Second Base,” brings to life Macaria, Lily’s tough-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside older sister.

    The demonic family
    Lily’s Mom Has Got it Going On – (My Demonic Romance – Preview)

    Her performance as Macaria is nothing short of captivating. Lady Jem expertly navigates the character’s tough exterior, revealing a vulnerable, submissive side that yearns for domination. This portrayal adds a tantalizing layer of complexity to the character, showcasing Lady Jem’s versatility and emotional depth as a voice actress.

    Midnight Datura, a standout talent from “Love & Sex: Second Base,” takes on a critical dual role in this project. Promoted to casting and voice director, Datura also lends her voice to Blandine, Lily’s fallen angel mother. Her portrayal is nothing short of masterful, perfectly capturing the dichotomy of a character torn between heavenly compassion and devilish desire. Datura’s Blandine is a symphony of contrasts: the firm yet fair tone of a woman grappling with her own carnal desires, while also possessing a bleeding heart for those forsaken in hell. She embodies the essence of a character with the heart of an angel and the libido of a devil, delivering each line with a mix of maternal strictness and sultry allure that is both commanding and captivating.

    The fresh voices of Leo Greystone and Mimi Hung add further depth to this star-studded cast. Greystone’s Lucifer is both authoritative and humorously overblown, while Hung’s Lily is the epitome of a seductive, fun-loving succubus, capturing the character’s rebellious spirit and playful heart with remarkable authenticity.

    Visually, “My Demonic Romance” is a feast for the eyes. The artistic trio of Edart, Alphaalpha, and Kjkhmulo have outdone themselves, crafting characters and backdrops that burst with life and color, elevating the game’s erotic and comedic elements with their artistic prowess in true Andrealphus Games fashion.

    Holding hands
    Lily’s Mom Has Got it Going On – (My Demonic Romance – Preview)

    For those eager to indulge in this devilish delight, Andrealphus Games offers an exclusive glimpse through their Patreon. A $10 monthly pledge not only supports the team but also grants early access to the game and a trove of other tantalizing titles and other adult visual novels from Andrealphus’s repertoire.

    “My Demonic Romance” is a masterful fusion of sizzling erotica and rollicking humor. It’s a testament to Andrealphus Games’ skill in creating a visual novel that’s as uproariously funny as it is erotically charged. This game is a surefire hit for fans of the genre, solidifying Andrealphus Games’ status as a titan in the realm of adult visual novels with a comedic twist. With its exceptional writing, voice acting, and art, “My Demonic Romance” is poised to be an unforgettable adventure in the adult gaming landscape.


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