Operation Lovecraft: Fallen Doll – an online co-op adult game?

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    Is it a little unsettling to see the phrases “adult game” and “online co-op” in the same sentence? Never fear. I took the plunge into Harem Mode in Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft by Project Helius and was pleasantly surprised.

    I love Eldritch horror and I love sex (like any person), so I was already looking forward to this experience, but I had no idea what I was getting myself into. At first I was very scared off the online co-op aspect of the game. What was I getting myself into?

    How does Fallen Doll Harem Mode multiplayer work?

    After doing a bit of reading and brushing up on some of the game’s more fundamental mechanics, I was finally ready to explore the world Operation Lovecraft, and–uhhh—with others.

    Fortunately, there is an anonymous option in the game where you can play as a nameless patient with a random number, much like a lab rat. The game even mocks you for choosing this option because you have the chance of spawning in with a tinfoil hat. Because of the freedom you have in selecting an in-game name, you need not be concerned about your Steam handle being revealed. However, props to those who have the guts to log and use their main account names. I bow down to you.

    Operation Lovecraft: Fallen Doll

    Let’s get back to the meat of the matter. What is the online cooperative multiplayer experience like in Operation Lovecraft: Fallen Doll? It’s not entirely clear how to describe it, especially because the game is still in its infancy and has many unfinished features. I’ve put in around six hours and find the game to be strange but entertaining.

    First of all you have a handful of characters you can choose from to carry out certain “experiments.” Each character has their own fetishes and kinks. It’s up to you perform experiments on these characters for “research” to earn experience and likes.

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    In a nutshell the game operates as a adult simulator. You must time spanks and thrusts in order to “reach your destination” at the same ime for extra experience points and likes. Some “experiments” may take longer than others because the character who you are experimenting on doesn’t like that kink. I found a good trick is to just start with experiments that they like, then get their sensitivity up there so it wont take as long.

    Okay, I am sure that made no sense at all. Like I said, this game is hard to explain, and I haven’t even touched upon the “Harem Mode” co-op multiplayer part yet.

    You will join a world with up to 10 other players who will be doing “experiments” on their characters. You can give likes to other players which acts as a kind of currency they can use to buy experiment cards or outfits for their characters. You can also study other experiments to unlock them.

    Operation Lovecraft VR

    Experiments are kind of like collectible X-rated Pokemon cards. You can view them in the game’s 3D gallery once you’ve studied them.

    To study experiments and give likes to other players you need to earn “inspiration.” You earn inspiration from climaxing. You get more inspiration if you time your “arrival” to perfection.

    There’s hundreds of experiments that you can learn and collect involving robots, slimy tentacle monsters, aliens and even alien dogs. Yeah, alien dogs. There’s a little something for everyone in there. You can even get your main characters to perform experiments together.

    And, from what I understand, the developers intend on adding combat into the game at some point. No idea how that will work, but I am excited.

    That’s pretty much the current state of Operation Lovecraft: Fallen Doll while it is still in closed beta. Do I recommend getting it? Umm, yeah! Especially considering Operation Lovecraft: Fallen Doll is VR (virtual reality) compatible!

    How do I get the Operation Lovecraft: Fallen Doll closed beta?

    As I mentioned earlier, the game is still in development, but you can still get your hands on a Operation Lovecraft: Fallen Doll closed beta key–and you should! This is probably the best looking adult-themed game I have played so far. The animations are great and the character models are pretty. Project Helius, in their own words, claim to be “perverts with AAA game development experience.” It shows!

    Fallen Doll closed Steam beta

    To get a Operation Lovecraft: Fallen Doll closed beta key you need to become a Patreon of Project Helius, the game’s developer. Clerk tier or higher will get you an instant copy of the closed beta Steam key, a DRM downloadable copy of the current version, and one year worth of season pass content for an entire year after the game leaves beta.

    Alternatively, you can opt for the cheapest tier to be able to download the uncensored version of the public beta or get the Onlooker tier to get access to all current builds of the game. If you accumulated pledge ever reaches $36 over a period of time, you also eligible for a closed beta key.

    Operation Lovecraft: Fallen Doll is also VR (virtual reality) compatible but, sadly, I haven’t tested it out yet. Keep checking back and I’ll let you guys know how it is when I get the chance!


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