Paradise Lust 2: A Sultry Continuation – Preview

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    Mark your calendars! The sizzling sequel to the highly acclaimed “Paradise Lust” is set to launch on December 6. The developers at Flexible Media are gearing up to dazzle players once again with their latest offering.

    Continuing directly from where its predecessor left off, “Paradise Lust 2” elevates you to the role of an island resort owner. The game is a delightful mix of familiar faces and intriguing new characters. Fan-favorites like Jenny, Karen, Olga, Raven, and Mi Sun return, alongside a bevy of captivating newcomers. Prepare to meet, greet, and perhaps get a little closer to these characters in a setting that’s as steamy as it is scenic.

    Paradise Lust 2: A Sultry Continuation - Preview
    Paradise Lust 2: A Sultry Continuation – Preview

    Though categorized as a point & click adventure on Steam, “Paradise Lust 2” is, at its heart, a visual novel blended with dating sim and puzzle elements. The gameplay revolves around completing character-specific quests to unlock tantalizing scenes. However, it’s not all about rapid clicking to progress the story. The puzzles, while not overly complex, add a layer of engagement to the narrative, ensuring that the journey to those steamy scenes feels rewarding. Flexible Media clearly understands their audience’s desires, providing an experience that’s more about the journey than the challenge.

    After a four-hour dive into the Steam beta, the verdict is clear: if you were enamored with the first game, “Paradise Lust 2” is a no-brainer. Go wishlist it on Steam if you haven’t already. It offers more of what you loved – a blend of engaging storytelling and familiar characters that you’ve already grown to adore.

    Paradise Lust 2: A Sultry Continuation - Preview
    Paradise Lust 2: A Sultry Continuation – Preview

    That said, if you’re on the hunt for a traditional point & click adventure with intricate puzzles, this might not be your cup of tea.

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    “Paradise Lust 2” unfolds at a leisurely pace, which may test the patience of those seeking more fast-paced action. But for those who revel in immersive storytelling set in a paradisiacal locale, it’s a must-try. Imagine settling down with this game on New Year’s Eve, a glass of white wine in hand, or perhaps unwinding in a bubble bath with your ASUS ROG Ally or Steam Deck by your side. This game promises a relaxing yet engaging escape to a world of romance and intrigue.


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