This X-rated VR adult game is also a triple-A shooter

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    You can still find qualified developers, but they may be hiding in the most unlikely of places. Many gamers are turning to indie titles for entertainment now that triple A titles have hit a rough patch. Smaller, independent game makers can occasionally take your breath away. That’s the case with AntiZero’s Captain Hardcore.

    To my knowledge, AntiZero is a one-man development company, yet after playing their latest Sci-Fi shooter and adult simulator, Captain Hardcore, I am completely blown away.

    The title “Captain Hardcore” pretty much gives the game away as a x-rated raunchy virtual reality (VR) love simulator game. That’s why I was taken aback when I put on the headset to give the game a go.

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    The game, while still in early development, it booted up smoothly and without incident. I immediately found myself in some sleezy entertainment room with a large screen TV and some artwork, including instructions, hung up on the wall.

    Captain Hardcore cockpit space station

    I headed over to the TV where I had to log in with my Patreon credentials to get access to the game. There are currently two tiers, not including the free demo: Galactic trader, which is available for aproximately $10 and Asstronaut, which is available for about $20.

    The Asstronaut Patreon bonus grants access to a variety of experimental features, including a slew of new sex toys, such as a functioning vibrator, beads, and a large rubber dong, as well as a soft skin test and ragdoll mode.

    AntiZero was nice enough to grant me access to this fun mode so I could really, and I mean really, test this game out. And I am not ashamed to say that I was in the VR world until the batteries on my controllers died.

    Also, you are not required to continue making monthly contributions to Patreon in order to access the game. You will have access to the last downloaded version until you choose to pledge again. However, I strongly suggest that you continue to support this developer; here’s why!

    Although it is a x-rated VR sex game, Captain Hardcore has the feel of a triple-A title. I would venture to say that it is one of the most finely-tuned virtual reality (VR) experiences I’ve enoyed, rivalling blockbuster titles from major studios.

    It’s so atmoshpheric and immersive.

    You play on board a large spaceship fitted with a bedroom, bar, some techinical areas, and even a virtual sex dungeon room. Clearly a lot of love went into creating this ship.

    Some parts of the ship aren’t actually 3D objects but rather textures on an image plane, however the ambient lighting does an excellent job of masking these tiny details.

    You can also use these image planes to decorate your own scenes, but more on that later.

    It’s a FPS in the works!

    AntiZero promises that Captain Hardcore will not only be an x-rated sex simualtor game, but a full fledged VR shooter with a story and all! Better yet, they have plans on introducing a quest making system so the community can create and share their own missions!

    You can already test the shooting mechanics in the game. You can equip a lazer pistol that fires physic based projectiles. It looks great and feels even greater. There’s a little game mode already built into this x-rated VR game. I can’t wait to shoot some baddies.

    Oh my, those models!

    In Captain Hardcore, there are pre-made characters that can be imported into any scene via a user-friendly interface that can be accessed with the click of a button. You can also totally customise their attire, hair, and complexion, in addition to practically every other aspect of their physique.

    Once you’ve created your perfect character, you can name them and save them using the same menu and they are ready to be used at any time.

    AntiZero character models

    The textures look beautiful but what really brings these characters to life is the interactibility athrough inverse kinetics and physics.

    For instance, and please understand that I discovered this completely by accident (you have to trust me), the models will open their mouths in anticipation of an object or even your own fingers or fist. If you probe in a little too far, they might even gag.

    They will also respond when they are slapped or spanked; in fact, I am fairly certain that I saw the skin of one of the models turn red after I spanked her repeatedly with a paddle.

    There’s also realistic gaping. I am not going to elaborate, just use your imagination.

    Posing and animating is easy!

    Once more, I feel obligated to commend AntiZero on the quality of their menus and user interface. It just makes sense. Even though I have a strong suspicion that this software developer is a lone individual, it is abundantly evident that they are proficient in their field.

    Once you’ve populated your scene with your desires cast, you can move them around and pose them, and it’s friggen easy! You just grab them by the waste and walk them to where you want to place them. You use the stick on the right controller to rotate them and then you place them.

    posing 3D characters in VR

    Once you are placed you can grab them by the hands, feet, head or waist and pose them as you seem fit.

    I did a little livestream on Kick to demonstrate these features. At the 32-minute mark you can see how easily i animate one of the models to make her dance. Sadly, I messed up the audio that livestream, my bad.

    To animate them you just grab the body part you want to animate, hit record, and move it. Each body part is recorded individually, so you can record multiple times and move different parts of the body at a time to create your perfect animation.

    Set design!

    You can drop and furniture and other assets with ease and place them around the scene to your liking. You can even use studio lights as well as other light sources to set the right mood for your scene.

    Like I mentioned earlier, image planes can also be placed and you can import your own textures to create any set location you really want.

    So much customization!

    AntiZero has plans on making the game even more customizable by allowing users to use their own 3D models and assets. There’s currently a guide on their official Discord server on how to do this, but I think this will be a fully implented feature when the game finally releases.

    character/model customization

    Supporters with the Asstronaut perk can access the community sharing chat room and share and download other people’s creations.

    It’s so hot!

    Should you purchase this game despite its early access status? Definitely! If all the reasons listed above haven’t already convinced you to support AntiZero on Patreon, this should!

    sexy vr game

    Captain Hardcore is, by far, the hottest x-rated sex simulator game I have ever played. It’s also a very immersive VR game I think every adult should experience. I have played a lot of Gaming Smut and I can easily say that this game takes the game when it comes to making me horny.

    This game comes to life because to its stunning visuals, atmospheric soundtrack, and innovative gameplay mechanisms. There’s no way to fully appreciate it unless you try it for yourself.


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