Rosas Are Red (Steam) – Review

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    Get ready to flirt, text, and intrigue in “Rosas Are Red,” the brainchild of Anduo Games, famed for their adult game Third Crisis,” which is easily one of the greatest adult games available right now. This game isn’t just a fresh endeavor; it’s a masterful remaster of their original, beloved title “Rosas Are Red Classic,” still cherished by fans on Patreon. Now reimagined for a Steam release, this version elevates the experience to new heights, offering a refined, more immersive journey into the world of digital romance.

    In this game, every text message is a brushstroke in the art of digital storytelling, painting a narrative that’s uniquely yours. You’re not just playing a game; you’re sculpting a personal romantic adventure. Meet Rosa, a character both shy and bold, hiding her desires behind each message. Through your phone, you connect with her in a dance of texts, each one leading you down a path of friendship, love, or perhaps something more daring.

    Rosa snap
    Rosas Are Red (Steam) – Review

    The premise? Simple yet irresistibly enticing. You stumble upon Rosa, a shy yet adventurous soul, on a dating app. She’s not just any girl; she’s a delightful enigma, yearning to explore her hidden desires. Your phone becomes the stage, and every text you exchange with Rosa weaves the narrative of your unique bond. Will you be her confidant, her lover, or her master? The choice is yours, and every choice is a delicious morsel of storytelling.

    But oh, the charm! “Rosas Are Red” is like that first bite of a rich, velvety chocolate cake. The art style is a feast for the eyes, from the user interface that mimics a phone screen to the character designs that pop with personality. And let’s not forget the adorable sticker emojis Rosa uses – they add a sprinkle of cuteness to every conversation.

    The writing? It’s like a fine wine – rich, deep, and utterly satisfying. Rosa feels real, more real than some people you might meet in real life. She’s naughty, yes, but in a way that’s grounded and believable. You’ll find yourself chuckling, nodding, and maybe even blushing at the exchanges. The game even ventures into the realm of sexual exploration with a tasteful touch, hinting at Rosa’s possible lesbian inclinations and reacting uniquely to your chosen pronouns.

    Rosa and Mia
    Rosas Are Red (Steam) – Review

    The voice acting? Simply divine. The voice acting in “Rosas Are Red” elevates the game to an art form. Mimi Hung, a voice that first enchanted me as the fiery succubus Lily in “My Demonic Romance,” infuses Rosa with a vivacity that is mesmerizing. Her portrayal is a delicate dance between innocence and playful mischievousness, adding depth and allure to every text. Then there’s the incomparable Cinder Dryad VA, whose portrayal of Mia, Rosa’s childhood friend, is nothing short of captivating. She brings a blend of dominance, wit, and tenderness to the character, creating a dynamic that is both cheeky and deeply affectionate. Their performances don’t just complement the narrative; they enrich it, bringing the characters to life with a realism that’s rare in the world of gaming voiceovers.

    Now, let’s talk about the spice – the game is lewd, but not in-your-face lewd. It’s more like a slow burn that leaves you wanting more, making it safe enough to play in public (with headphones, of course). The game tastefully indulges in the exhibitionism fetish, making each encounter a delightful dance of anticipation and excitement.

    In-game phone
    Rosas Are Red (Steam) – Review

    Playing “Rosas Are Red” on the ASUS ROG Ally was a smooth affair, though the in-game phone screen felt a tad cramped. But hey, the developers compensated with a charming background featuring Rosa and a cute kitty – a small quibble for an otherwise stellar experience.

    “Rosas Are Red” is a triumphant blend of engaging gameplay, memorable characters, and a plethora of fun easter eggs. It’s a short but sweet adventure, offering a playthrough time of around 3 hours, but with multiple endings and hidden treasures, you’re looking at up to 12 hours of playful exploration. Anduo Games has once again struck gold, delivering a game that’s not just worth playing but savouring every text, every giggle, and every blush-inducing moment. “Rosas Are Red” isn’t just a game – it’s a delightful, cheeky, and heartwarmingly naughty adventure that’s definitely worth the price of admission.

    • Story: 8/10
    • Gameplay: 9/10
    • Art Style: 10/10
    • Spice: 8/10
    • Handheld Compatibility: 9/10

    Engage in heartfelt texts, shape unique relationships, and explore tasteful lewdness in this charmingly realistic visual novel by Anduo Games.


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