Third Crisis – Review

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    “Third Crisis” stands as a shining example of Anduo Games’ innovative approach to game development, further cementing their reputation as creators of unique and raunchy gaming experiences. This title, emerging as a trailblazer in the video game world, showcases the developer’s knack for creatively reinventing traditional genres. Known for their unique sexting-based visual novel “Roses Are Red” available on Steam, Anduo Games brings their distinctive flair to the realm of JRPGs with “Third Crisis.”

    In “Third Crisis,” Anduo Games masterfully marries the beloved elements of traditional JRPGs with fresh, innovative strategy and turn-based gameplay. This isn’t a mere replication of the mechanics that have charmed JRPG fans for years; instead, it’s a thoughtful evolution. The game seamlessly integrates tried-and-tested techniques with original, inventive elements, demonstrating Anduo Games’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of conventional gaming.

    Game Logo
    Third Crisis – Review

    The game introduces us to Jenna, a valiant hero from the Airship, whose journey begins as she lands near the Peithos base. Here, your mission unfolds: to rescue your fellow crewmate Karen, with whom the game suggests Jenna shares a deep, possibly romantic, bond. This personal stake adds a compelling layer to your quest. As Jenna, you infiltrate the base, expecting a straightforward mission, only to find yourself entangled in a web of unexpected events, courtesy of Peithos’ bizarre new technology. This twist leads to Jenna’s precarious escape, leaving her vulnerable and disoriented in a world that’s been profoundly altered during her capture. In this strange new world women are property and men are perverts.

    Jenna and Karen
    Third Crisis – Review

    The game world that you return to is a stark contrast to the one you left, having been tainted by Peithos’ corrupting influence. This new reality is fraught with challenges: societal norms are upended, and Jenna finds herself in a position of weakness, devoid of resources and equipment. This scenario sets the stage for a game that’s as much about strategy and survival as it is about adventure.

    The gameplay of “Third Crisis” is an exhilarating blend of challenge and charm. Jenna’s journey from powerlessness to empowerment (or ultimate corruption, depending on your choices) is fraught with decisions and dilemmas. You’ll navigate through a range of job options, from the mundane to the morally ambiguous, each offering unique challenges and rewards. The bar work, whether behind the counter or serving tables, is not just a job but a mini-game in itself, replete with interactions that add depth and complexity to the overall experience. And then there are the more unconventional paths you can take, each with its own set of risks and rewards, pushing the boundaries of traditional gameplay.

    Bartending mini-game
    Third Crisis – Review

    The combat system in “Third Crisis” is a masterclass in strategic, turn-based gameplay. Exquisitely designed, it offers a depth that will captivate JRPG aficionados. The game elevates this experience by allowing you to form a party with a diverse cast of characters, each bringing their own unique abilities. This diversity injects a rich variety into your tactical approach, ensuring that each encounter is both challenging and refreshing.

    Yet, what truly distinguishes “Third Crisis” is its innovative ‘corruption’ system. This feature acts as a moral compass, influencing Jenna’s journey and character evolution based on player choices. Opting for the path of purity presents its own set of challenges and unique rewards, creating a gameplay experience that’s both morally complex and deeply satisfying. On the other hand, yielding to the game’s more seductive elements offers a smoother ride, though it comes with its own moral implications.

    Third Crisis Gameplay
    Third Crisis – Review

    Initially, Jenna is portrayed as modest and reserved, but her interactions with other characters and responses to various situations can gradually alter this. An example of this system in action is how Jenna reacts to harassment. Choosing to confront or shy away or even embrace these advances directly affects her ‘corruption’ level, leading her down a path from shy innocence to a more liberated, perhaps even brazen, persona. Each decision nudges her character along this spectrum, making the player complicit in her transformation. For example, Jenna will outright refuse to wear kinky outfits at the start, however, the more perverted she becomes, she may end up being a bit of a nudist.

    Third Crisis – Review

    Let’s not mince words – “Third Crisis” is an adult game, and many players are drawn to it for the tantalizing content it promises. The game skillfully intertwines its mature themes with the corruption system, offering players the chance to explore this more provocative path, unlocking the game’s boldest and most risqué elements.

    When discussing the game’s adult content, it’s impossible to overlook the sheer boldness of its themes. “Third Crisis” ventures into territories that are not just risqué but unabashedly taboo. The game’s animation quality plays a significant role in this, presenting scenes that are so well-crafted and lifelike that they can be challenging to watch, even for seasoned players of adult games. The scenes are vivid and explicit, leaving little to the imagination, and are executed with a level of finesse that is both impressive and, at times, overwhelming.

    The artistic mastery in “Third Crisis” is a feast for the eyes, and I am utterly captivated. Its artistic direction is a triumph of creativity, brilliantly capturing the essence of each character with a style that’s both charming and tantalizing. This balance is a rare find in adult games, where character designs often lean towards extremes. In “Third Crisis”, the characters are crafted not as overly-sweetened cute anime characters, but as beautifully mature individuals, lending a refreshing authenticity to the game’s visual narrative.

    And the animation – it’s nothing short of spellbinding. Every detail, from the subtleties of facial expressions to the more explicit movements, is animated with a precision that breathes life into each scene. The game goes a step further with its x-ray feature, offering an almost voyeuristic view into its most intimate moments. It’s a bold choice, one that’s executed with such finesse that it elevates the game’s adult content to something far more extreme. This level of detail and transparency in animation is intense, making every moment in “Third Crisis” not just a scene to be played, but an experience to be felt… if you can handle it.

    In “Third Crisis,” the extraordinary attention to detail is not just commendable, it’s transformative, elevating the entire gaming experience. This meticulousness is most evident in the post-scene effects, which are crafted with an eye for both realism and narrative impact. Take Jenna’s character, for example. After significant encounters, her appearance and attire change in ways that reflect her experiences. These alterations range from the subtle – a disheveled look or a flushed complexion – to the more explicit and suggestive, like her being visibly messy.

    TC enemy
    Third Crisis – Review

    These details extend beyond mere cosmetic changes. They are brilliantly integrated into the gameplay mechanics. For instance, a disarrayed Jenna will leave behind evidence of her state as she moves through the game world, such as leaving conspicuous footprints. This level of detail is not just for show; it has practical implications as well. Players need to actively manage these consequences, whether it’s taking Jenna for a shower to clean up or visiting the gear shop to repair torn clothing. These actions aren’t just about maintaining appearances; they affect how other characters in the game perceive and interact with Jenna.

    A torn outfit, for instance, remains in that state until the player takes steps to mend it, and this sartorial state doesn’t go unnoticed by the game’s characters. They will comment on Jenna’s appearance, adding a layer of social dynamics to the gameplay. Such elements do more than add realism; they weave a visual story of Jenna’s journey, marking her experiences in the world of “Third Crisis” in a way that is both innovative and immersive.

    An intriguing aspect of “Third Crisis” is its multiple endings, which add a layer of replayability and narrative depth. The game cleverly informs players when a choice might lock them into a specific ending, allowing for a mindful approach to decision-making. In a surprising twist, returning to the game after a period of absence revealed new content – a testament to the ongoing development and expansion of the game’s universe. This inclusion of new characters and scenarios, even after what seemed like the conclusion, suggests a living, evolving world within the game that continually offers fresh experiences and surprises.

    Anduo Games, Third Crisis
    Third Crisis – Review

    The game’s compatibility with the Xbox Game Controller is a testament to its versatility and the developers’ commitment to accessibility. Designed to be compatible with handheld devices right out of the box, it offers a seamless gaming experience across platforms. However, some of the more interactive scenes pose a challenge when using a controller, primarily due to their complex and nuanced nature. This led to the discovery that using the touch screen provided a more intuitive and effective way to navigate these scenes. The touch interface allowed for a level of precision and immersion that was more in sync with the game’s sensual and interactive elements

    Jenna at Christmas
    Third Crisis – Review

    This isn’t your average RPG – it’s a cheeky, naughty foray into a world where strategy meets spice, and where the fate of our hero Jenna intertwines with danger and desire. From tactical turn-based combat to sizzling scenarios that will leave you hot under the collar, every element is a masterstroke of adult-only exhilaration. Whether you’re mixing drinks or mixing it up in battle, the game’s detailed corruption system offers a journey from innocence to indulgence. With its vivid, top-tier animations and captivating story, this game doesn’t just push boundaries – it leaps over them with a seductive smirk. Go support them on Patreon or buy the game on Steam today!

    • Story: 9/10
    • Gameplay: 10/10
    • Art Style: 10/10
    • Spice: 10/10
    • Handheld Compatibility: 10/10

    Third Crisis is a 10/10 – a sultry symphony of gaming that’s as strategically deep as it is unapologetically adult. It’s not just a game, it’s an experience that will ignite your wildest gaming fantasies!


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    "Third Crisis" stands as a shining example of Anduo Games' innovative approach to game development, further cementing their reputation as creators of unique and raunchy gaming experiences. This title, emerging as a trailblazer in the video game world, showcases the developer's knack for creatively...Third Crisis - Review