Arkham Knight Map Size and Batcave Leaked?

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    Rocksteady’s upcoming Batman game was announced yesterday and seems to be the hottest topic among gamers at the moment. Especially of the long awaited inclusion of the Batmobile; the dream wheels for all nerds, myself included. Though the game has been announced, not a lot has been revealed about the game except for that the Batmobile will be driveable, that is until now.

    Early this morning we received an email from an individual who wishes to remain anonymous. The email contains what he/she claims to be legitimate information on Arkham Knight game-play such as map size, law enforcement, and the Batcave.

    Hey Guys,

    I love what you are doing with this site. Thought I’d do my best to contribute a little “insider info”. This is all information that you will expect to see sent out in press releases later this month, or mentioned in interviews so it is not huge deal, but pretty awesome stuff anyway. There are no spoilers, just some juicy game-play info.

    The new Arkham game by Rocksteady is going to be taking the head-lines soon. I’m sitting on some good info which I would like to share with you. I will keep it basic, no need to sensationalize this stuff.

    1. The City:
      Arkham Knight, much like Arkham City, is a open-world free roaming game. Players will not only get to explore Arkham City, but the whole of Gotham City too. Players will be able to visit some famous Gotham City landmarks including Wayne Manor, GCPD, the Batcave, Blackgate Penitentiary, and Iceberg Lounge. 
      Gotham and Arkham City combined are approximately the size of the GTA IV map.
    2. Gotham Law Enforcement:
      The Gotham City Police Department play a big role in Arkham Knight. Batman will both need to aid and evade the heavy hand of the law. Arkham Knight will pave the way for some of the most intense cop chases in gaming history.
    3. The Batcave:
      The Batcave will be the player’s safe-house and also work as a hub for operations and upgrades. Upgrades and repairs to the Batmobile and Batsuit will be done here.
    4. Bruce Wayne:
      For the first time in the Arkham series the player will be able to explore Gotham city unmasked. Cruise around the streets of Gotham as Bruce Wayne in fancy cars to investigate before you embark on missions.
    5. Wayne Enterprises:
      Money means upgrades and upgrades means power. Managing the finances and investments of Wayne Enterprises successfully will assure that you’ve always got the latest and greatest gadgets at your disposal.

    I am only jumping the gun a little, I figured I’d blow the whistle before the press release is sent out.

    I hope you can run with this information. Also, I would prefer if you didn’t reveal my email address or name when posting this. I will most likely be immediately recognized, which might mean no more “leaks” from me in the future.


    The sender claims that this information will be public later this month. It isn’t too hard to believe considering that the game was announced for a 2014 release (we are predicting November/December), so we can expect a lot more information to flow in in the coming months.

    This leak was sent into us by an individual whom wishes to remain anonymous. Email and name has been withheld. Please consider that anyone can send us leaks by emailing us, and we do not verify the credibility of the content nor the source.


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