Five Reasons You Should Get Dark Souls 2 Instead of Titanfall

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    Tomorrow sees the launch of Microsoft’s supposed system-seller Titanfall. It’s also the day that cursed adventurers have been preparing to die for in Dark Souls 2. The hype machine has been going full steam for Titanfall since it was first announced. Dark Souls 2 does not have the same kind of PR behind it, and it doesn’t need it either. This is a game that has a dedicated community based on its own merits, not because it’s a CoD killer. Any gamer that craves a unique gaming experience that will challenge and reward you in equal amounts should invest their cash, time, blood, sweat and tears into Dark Souls 2. Here’s five reasons why.

    1.     It’s not another military shooter

    It seems that just about every high-profile game that has come out in recent years puts a gun in your hands and tasks you with shooting enemy soldiers. Having played through Dark Souls 2 we can assure you that finally conquering one of the games bosses, or simply any powerful enemy you come across, is way more satisfying than fragging faceless infantry any day.

    2.     It has innovative online features
    Forget the conventional multiplayer we see in every fps these days. Respawn may have revolutionized the modern fps online experience with the original Modern Warfare, but it doesn’t seem like they’re taking any steps to reinvent it with Titanfall. Like the first Dark Soul, this sequel provides an organic multiplayer experience that’s integrated into your adventure.

    There’s nothing that matches successfully invading someone’s game, or vanquishing a phantom that’s invading you. Help a fellow adventurer by placing a summon sign or message, or troll them by placing a “try jumping” message that will send them into a bottomless pit. You create your own multiplayer experience in DS2

    3.     It’s the hardest & most engaging action-RPG you’ll play this year
    Dark Souls 2 is hard. Anyone that feared that it’s easier than Dark/Demon Souls can rest easy. It’ll have you cursing at your TV more than a couple of times. Titanfall is another twitch-shooter with a mech twist. Being good at an online can surely feel rewarding, but being good at Dark Souls is on a completely different level of mastering game mechanics

    4.     It’s available on both Microsoft & Sony platforms
    Enjoy it on the either the PlayStation 3, or Xbox 360 (or PC if you are the patient type). Aside from being available on multiple platforms, Dark Souls 2 does not need the next-gen hype to get gamers pumped. Just the prospect of getting killed repeatedly is enough.

    5.     It’s friggin Dark Souls 2
    Prepare to die.

    So what will you be playing for the foreseeable future? Titanfall will likely provide some quick thrills, but if you’re looking to invest in a game that will take a lot from you, but give just as much back you know what’s up. What sets Dark Souls 2 apart from many a game is the fact that it truly has a soul. It may be a really dark one, but godamnit at least it has one.


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