Five Sexy Asses of Gaming

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    Many (well most, to be honest) female video game characters sport a sexy design with a sizeable chest area and a bit of junk in the trunk. All serious discussion about sexism, and the portrayal of women in games aside, we do enjoy our sexy women in games as we do in other mediums. So to celebrate this we have compiled a list of five of our favourite video game asses.

    Nova (StarCraft: Ghost)

    Nova: Starcraft Ghost ass

    This game never did see the light of day, and as much as we would have liked to kick Zerg and Protoss ass in StarCraft: Ghosts – we’re left with the glorious ass of main character Nova. We may never get to know her story, but we’ll always remember that tight bodysuit.

    Honourable mention goes to Sarah Kerrigan before she got too Zerg’y.

    Catwoman (Arkham City)

    Catwoman Arkham City

    Selina Kyle may be part cat (burglar) but she is ALL woman with one of the tightest behinds in video games of recent years. This kitty might have some claws on her, but there’s no other cat that we’d like to get our tongue more than this one.

    Meryl Silverburgh (Metal Gear Solid)

    Meryl MGS

    Okay, we really don’t think this is one of the hottest asses in gaming (at least not as rendered in the original MGS), but we felt she had to make this list anyway. Who other than Kojima would have his protagonist take special notice of a supporting character’s ass, and then proceed to have you identify her by her womanly sway when you meet up with her later in the game?

    Silverburgh mod

    No one, that’s who. Meryl, we’ll always hate to see you leave, but love to watch you go.

    Miranda Lawson (Mass Effect)

    Mass Effect butts

    She’s beautiful, intelligent, and genetically moulded to be the perfect femme fatale. Who didn’t try to tap that ass in between missions and space exploration? Easily one of the most well-known sexy gaming asses of all time.


    Bayonetta butt

    Few female video game character deals ass-kicking with as much style, and suggestive posing, as Bayonetta. With all kinds of crazy weapons attached to her each one of her limbs, she’ll work that ass in all manner of ways while dispatching the evil forces that dare stand before her. Sporting a crazy tight (yet surprisingly flexible) leather bodysuit, this witch is a far cry from the wicked witch stereotype.  

    That’s it for this time, but stay tuned to Gaming Smut for further sexy behinds and much, much more! We have another iteration of sexy gaming asses live now!


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