Is Xbox Live Unhackable?

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    At this point the PlayStation Plus service is a lot more appetizing than the Xbox Live service, or at least to the bystander. Early adopters of the PlayStation 4 already have plenty of free games to keep them entertained until the next big game comes out. The Xbox One, on the other hand, seems to be suffering from a drought. However, Xbox gamers don’t seem to mind; they think the extra dosh is worth forking out for an unhackable service.

    When a concerned gamer expresses his opinion on the lack of incentive to become an Xbox Live Gold member and that he feels that the service otherwise is making people pay for what would usually be a free-to-use service, he was quickly shut down with comments stating just how much they hated the PlayStation Network service and would rather spend a little extra to feel safe.

    “I don’t recall ever having my personal information stolen and xbox live going down for a month, so there’s that”, claims Trujew, reddit user. His comment was followed by many others supporting the notion that the PlayStation Plus service is unstable, unsecured, and that Sony are bribing gamers to stick with them by offering them free games.

    The PlayStation Network has been under scrutiny before for being hacked and compromising thousand upon thousand account’s personal information. The PlayStation Network has also had its share of down-time, but most of this occurred before the the PlayStation service was mandatory to play online games on the PlayStation 4.

    The natural consensus seems to be that the Xbox Live service is so secure and has not been hacked because, simply, it is unhackable. A little bit of research suggests that the only reason that the PlayStation Network was hacked was because of Sony’s lawsuit against George Hotz (aka GeoHot), the kid who single-handedly hacked the PlayStation 3, and the ultimate removal of the OtherOS feature that the first set of PlayStation 3’s launched with.

    There’s no such thing as an unhackable network. Everything is hackable. There have been cases of bigger breaches than an online gaming service recorded in history. The reason why Microsoft has not fallen victim to hackers is because they’ve not done anything blatantly stupid to put a target on their head.


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