Lust Academy Season 2 Characters & Their Celebrity Look-alikes

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    “Lust Academy Season 2” is an enthralling adult visual novel game that continues to captivate audiences with its blend of magic, mystery, and adult-themed storytelling. Developed by an innovative indie game studio, this sequel builds on the immersive world of Cordale Academy, a mystical place teeming with secrets and adventures.

    Players are plunged into a realm reminiscent of the Harry Potter universe, yet with a distinct, mature twist. As they navigate through new classes, interactions, and hidden truths, players control an 18-year-old protagonist whose life transforms upon discovering the magical world at Cordale, the oldest academy of magic in the New World. Available on Steam and to Patreon supporters, this game has garnered attention for its unique narrative and engaging gameplay.

    Lust Academy Season 2 is a masterclass in self-awareness, embracing its identity as a tantalizing, adult-oriented game that cleverly parodies elements of the iconic Harry Potter series. Yet, it’s a disservice to view it merely as a parody, for this game stands confidently on its own two magical feet. Its narrative is not just a mere echo of familiar tales; it carves its unique path with an enthralling story that is both captivating and distinctively entertaining.

    The real charm of ‘Lust Academy’ lies in its beautifully crafted and intriguing cast of characters, each bringing a depth and vibrancy to the narrative that elevates this adult visual novel to a must-play status. The resemblance of nearly every character to a celebrity adds another layer of allure and engagement. From the unmistakable parallels, like Haley Ranger’s not-so-subtle nod to a certain wizarding heroine, to the more nuanced and subtle reflections of real-world counterparts, each character invites a delightful speculation. It’s intriguing to consider these resemblances, though it’s worth noting that the developer has neither confirmed nor denied any intentional celebrity inspiration. This leaves us to our own playful theories as we dive into the enchanting and sometimes scandalous world of ‘Lust Academy.’ Now, let’s delve into the most apparent comparisons, starting with the one that’s right on the nose.”

    Haley Ranger and Emma Watson

    Haley Ranger, Emma Watson
    Lust Academy Season 2 Characters & Their Celebrity Look-alikes
    • Haley Ranger: The Soulful Sorceress

    Haley Ranger is much more than just the main character’s “soul mate”; she’s a beacon of support and love. Born to ordinary people, Haley always harbored dreams of sorcery, which came true with her acceptance letter to Cordale. Her character’s journey from humble beginnings to a world of magic mirrors Emma Watson’s portrayal of Hermione Granger, full of determination and growth.

    • Emma Watson: The Spellbinding Actress

    Emma Watson, best known for her role as Hermione Granger, shares Haley’s driven and nurturing nature. Both women display a profound depth of character and a strong moral compass. Watson’s expressive eyebrows and warm smile complement Haley’s animated and loving demeanor, making the comparison strikingly apt.

    Samantha Rose and Jessica Biel

    Samantha Rose, Jessica Biel
    Lust Academy Season 2 Characters & Their Celebrity Look-alikes
    • Samantha Rose: The Determined Mage

    Samantha Rose stands out as a formidable character in the game. As Ashley Rose’s older sister, she’s not only a skilled mage but also a resilient competitor, having proven her worth in the Wizard’s Tournament. Her determination and strength are central to her character, drawing a parallel to the talented Jessica Biel.

    • Jessica Biel: The Versatile Performer

    Jessica Biel, with her notable roles that showcase both strength and vulnerability, mirrors Samantha’s character beautifully. Biel’s roles often feature a blend of physical prowess and emotional depth, similar to Samantha’s journey. Biel’s striking features, particularly her intense gaze and confident smile, resonate with Samantha’s powerful presence in the game.

    Sabrina Spellman and Katheryn Winnick

    Lust Academy Season 2 Characters & Their Celebrity Look-alikes
    • Sabrina Spellman: The Enthusiastic Potion Expert

    As the youngest faculty member at Cordale, Sabrina Spellman’s passion for potions and mixology sets her apart. Her character combines a youthful enthusiasm with a serious dedication to her craft, allowing players to see her as both a mentor and an innovator.

    • Katheryn Winnick: The Fierce Actress

    Katheryn Winnick, celebrated for her role in “Vikings,” mirrors Sabrina’s blend of youthfulness and expertise. Winnick’s portrayal of strong, independent characters, along with her distinct facial features like her intense stare and confident smile, align perfectly with Sabrina’s character in the game.

    Victoria Lupis and Mila Kunis

    Mila Kunis
    Lust Academy Season 2 Characters & Their Celebrity Look-alikes
    • Victoria Lapis: The Stern Yet Fair Educator

    As a teacher at Cordale Academy, Victoria Lapis is known for her strict yet fair approach. Her dedication to teaching magical combat and winning multiple Teacher of the Year awards showcases her commitment and excellence. This reflects the diverse and compelling roles played by Mila Kunis in her acting career.

    • Mila Kunis: The Dynamic Actress

    Mila Kunis, famous for her roles that range from comedic to serious, shares Victoria’s balance of sternness and fairness. Known for her role in That ‘70s Show and movies like Black Swan,” Kunis’s expressive eyes and captivating on-screen presence mirror Victoria’s commanding yet approachable nature in the classroom.

    Amelia Earheart and Katie Holmes

    Katie Holmes
    Lust Academy Season 2 Characters & Their Celebrity Look-alikes
    • Amelia Earheart: The Knowledgeable Librarian

    Amelia Earheart, the librarian at Cordale, stands out not for magical prowess but for her vast knowledge. Her deep understanding of the magical world and hidden talents in pain and pleasure add layers to her character, making her an intriguing figure within the academy.

    • Katie Holmes: The Versatile Actress

    Katie Holmes, known for her role in “Dawson’s Creek” and various film projects, embodies a similar blend of quiet strength and depth. Holmes’s expressive features, including her thoughtful eyes and warm smile, resonate with Amelia’s intellectual and mysterious character.

    Svetlana Romanova and Ali Larter

    Ali Carter
    Lust Academy Season 2 Characters & Their Celebrity Look-alikes
    • Svetlana Romanova: The Gifted Healer

    Svetlana Romanova’s background as a witch doctor’s daughter from Eastern Europe and her journey to Cordale Academy highlight her extraordinary healing talents. Her story of receiving a scholarship due to her abilities adds depth to her character, reflecting a blend of heritage and skill.

    • Ali Larter: The Captivating Actress

    Ali Larter, known for her roles in “Heroes” and Resident Evil,” shares Svetlana’s blend of intelligence and charisma. Larter’s sharp features, particularly her piercing eyes and confident demeanor, complement Svetlana’s compelling presence. Both women exude a sense of strength and determination, making their comparison fitting.

    Dakota Alston and Teresa Palmer

    Teresa Palmer
    Lust Academy Season 2 Characters & Their Celebrity Look-alikes
    • Dakota Alston: The Spoiled and Powerful

    Dakota Alston, Queen of the House of Adderin, is portrayed as spoiled and formidable. Her dominant personality and sense of entitlement make her a character to watch, resembling the traits of Draco Malfoy but with a spicier twist.

    • Teresa Palmer: The Bold Actress

    Teresa Palmer, known for her roles in “Warm Bodies” and “Lights Out,” shares Dakota’s bold and assertive nature. Palmer’s ability to portray strong, yet layered characters, along with her striking facial features like her intense gaze, aligns well with Dakota’s commanding presence in the game.

    Laura Crouch and Nicole Kidman

    Lust Academy Season 2 Characters & Their Celebrity Look-alikes
    • Laura Crouch: The Elusive Businesswoman

    Laura Crouch, described as a “milf from my hometown,” is a successful businesswoman with a mysterious personal life. Her infrequent presence and inclination towards extra-marital affairs add to her elusive character.

    • Nicole Kidman: The Elegant Actress

    Nicole Kidman, an award-winning actress known for roles in “Moulin Rouge!” and “The Hours,” shares Laura’s sophistication and elegance. Kidman’s poised demeanor, along with her striking features like her expressive eyes and graceful smile, complement Laura’s character, making the comparison fitting.

    Jill and Faith Whistley and Emma Stone

    Emma Stone
    Lust Academy Season 2 Characters & Their Celebrity Look-alikes
    • Jill and Faith Whistley: The Prankster Twins

    Jill and Faith Whistley, known for their love of pranks, bring a playful and mischievous energy to the game. Their Spa, offering more than just relaxation, reflects their fun-loving and entrepreneurial spirits, similar to the Weasley twins from Harry Potter.

    • Emma Stone: The Charming Actress

    Emma Stone, with her vibrant energy and ability to play charismatic roles, is a perfect match for the Whistley twins. Stone’s roles often involve a mix of humor and depth, paralleling the twins’ playful yet complex nature. Her distinct features, like her expressive smile and lively eyes, capture the essence of Jill and Faith’s characters.

    Adele Cuill and Belle Delphine

    Belle Delphine
    Lust Academy Season 2 Characters & Their Celebrity Look-alikes
    • Adele Cuill: The Entrepreneurial Spirit

    Adele Cuill, resembling Belle Delphine, showcases a transformation from a sex worker to a successful entrepreneur owning a spicy dance club. Her character arc in the game reflects a journey of empowerment and business savvy.

    • Belle Delphine: The Internet Phenomenon

    Belle Delphine, a real-life internet personality known for her unique and controversial content, parallels Adele’s entrepreneurial spirit. While Delphine’s physical features, like her distinctive eyes and expressive face, may not directly mirror Adele’s, their shared journey of success in unconventional fields makes the comparison relevant.

    Martha Ruith and Zheani

    Lust Academy Season 2 Characters & Their Celebrity Look-alikes
    • Martha Ruith: The Forest’s Mysterious Druid

    Martha Ruith, a druid living in the forests near Cordale, is known for her dislike of foolishness and her independent stance towards the academy’s staff. Her enigmatic nature and distance from the central academy life give her a unique place in the game. Martha’s character, while not directly inspired by Zheani, shares a similar unconventional and edgy vibe.

    • Zheani: The Artistic Rebel

    Australian artist Zheani sparks a fascinating comparison with Martha. Known for her unorthodox and bold artistry, Zheani embodies a strong, defiant spirit that resonates with Martha’s character. While their physical resemblance may not be striking, the shared essence of rebellion and strength in their personalities makes this comparison compelling.

    Beatrice LeBlanc and Helena Bonham Carter

    Helena Bonham Carter
    Lust Academy Season 2 Characters & Their Celebrity Look-alikes
    • Beatrice LeBlanc: The Sinister Antagonist

    Beatrice LeBlanc, the main antagonist in Season 2, is a dark and complex character. Serving the Overlord, her sinister nature and magical prowess make her a formidable opponent. Her character shares similarities with Helena Bonham Carter’s roles, particularly Bellatrix Lestrange.

    • Helena Bonham Carter: The Dark and Complex Actress

    Helena Bonham Carter, renowned for her portrayal of multifaceted and often dark characters, mirrors Beatrice’s wickedness. Carter’s intense stare, uniquely expressive features, and ability to embody complex villains align perfectly with Beatrice’s character in the game.

    Honourable Mentions

    Cole Sprouse
    Lust Academy Season 2 Characters & Their Celebrity Look-alikes

    Elijah Bloom, heir to a prestigious family of wizards and the headman of Leonheart, embodies the quintessential “Yes Man” with a love for life. Despite his lack of responsibility, Elijah’s good heart endears him to players.

    His character, with its blend of charm and complexity, reminds me of Cole Sprouse, known for his role in “Riverdale” (TV series). Sprouse’s portrayal of multifaceted characters captures a similar essence to Elijah’s lively and slightly enigmatic personality.

    Unknown Creature
    Lust Academy Season 2 Characters & Their Celebrity Look-alikes

    The Unknown Creature, serving as the magical cab driver to the academy, is a whimsical addition to the game. Its design and demeanor humorously resemble the talented and award-winning actor Willem Dafoe, known for films like “The Lighthouse” and “Spider-Man.”

    While the comparison is made in jest, the creature’s unique character design brings a light-hearted moment to the game, playfully nodding to Dafoe’s distinctive and memorable presence in cinema.


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