Lust Academy Season 2 – Review

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    Embark on a tantalizing odyssey with “Lust Academy Season 2,” a game that masterfully blends the mystique of magic with the allure of adult fantasy. This adult visual novel, reminiscent of the Harry Potter universe but with a distinctly mature twist, invites players to the enigmatic Cordale Academy, a place brimming with secrets and adult-themed adventures. As the story unfolds, you control an 18-year-old protagonist, whose life is transformed by the discovery of this magical, older-than-time academy. Available on platforms like Steam and Patreon, this game has captured the attention of a vast audience for its unique narrative approach and compelling gameplay.

    This sequel elevates its narrative to new heights, breaking free from the shadows of being a mere parody. Instead, it celebrates its identity as an adult-oriented game, weaving in elements that cleverly nod to the iconic Harry Potter series. The game’s self-awareness is its strength, as it doesn’t just imitate but rather carves its own path with a story that’s both thrilling and distinct. The plot captivates with its intricate weaving of magic and mystery, drawing players into a world that’s familiar yet unmistakably unique.

    Lust Academy Season 2 Characters & Their Celebrity Look-alikes
    Lust Academy Season 2 – Review

    The game’s crowning glory lies in its character design and development. Each character in “Lust Academy” is a work of art, meticulously crafted to bring depth and color to the story. These characters, who bear a striking resemblance to various celebrities, add an intriguing dimension to the game, making interactions more engaging. The 3D models employed in the game are exceptional, striking a perfect balance between realism and artistic flair. Unlike many other 3D visual novels that struggle with achieving realism, “Lust Academy Season 2” nails it, avoiding the uncanny valley that often plagues this genre. The characters are so well-rendered that their real-life inspirations are immediately recognizable, and this realism extends to the game’s spicy animated scenes, making it one of the hottest offerings on Steam.

    Whistley twins
    Lust Academy Season 2 – Review

    “Lust Academy Season 2” offers two distinct gameplay modes: the visual novel and the open world. The open world mode is particularly engaging, allowing players to dictate the pacing of their story. It opens up a plethora of activities such as dueling, potion making, and other class-based tasks to earn points for your wizarding house. Working as a cook to earn money for “extra-curricular activities” adds an intriguing layer to the gameplay. The option to spend earned money on weekends for “special drinks” or for lap dances and massages from the mischievous Whistley twins adds a playful and adult twist to the gaming experience. However, the game’s open-world aspect can feel somewhat redundant at times. After reaching a certain point in the story, players might find themselves reverting to selecting the next story part from the calendar, reducing the open-world aspect to a mere backdrop. For those looking to dive straight into the game’s rich content, the visual novel mode offers a more streamlined experience.

    The game also integrates a social media aspect, where players can use their in-game phone to engage with characters’ social profiles, choosing to be nice, troll, or flirt. This feature, while not directly impacting the story, adds an extra layer of immersion, making the player feel more connected to the game world and its characters.

    While “Lust Academy Season 2” lacks voice acting, its soundtrack beautifully compensates for this absence. The music encapsulates the essence of magic and mystery, effortlessly shifting to suit various scenes and moods. The auditory experience is further enhanced in the game’s more risqué scenes, with looping audio bites adding a blush-worthy element to the gameplay. These audio bites, although repetitive, are effective in amplifying the steamy atmosphere of these scenes.

    Molly as Princess Leia
    Lust Academy Season 2 – Review

    The game performs admirably across various devices, including laptops and handhelds like the ASUS ROG Ally. However, certain aspects, such as using the in-game phone, can be tricky on handheld devices, requiring precise touches that may not always register correctly (which honestly, is standard for most visual novels).

    “Lust Academy Season 2” stands out as one of the most exhilarating adult visual novels available on Steam. Its spicy scenes are crafted with remarkable finesse, making them intensely enjoyable. The game inclusively caters to the LGBT community, adding a commendable layer of diversity. While the game is largely a linear experience and the impact of player choices on relationships could be more pronounced, this does not detract significantly from the overall experience. The game could benefit from encouraging players to stick with one character to unlock unique endings, which would add a welcome layer of replayability. Nevertheless, with a total gameplay time of around 15 hours and content that justifies its price, “Lust Academy Season 2” is a must-play for fans of adult visual novels.

    • Story: 8/10
    • Gameplay: 7.5/10
    • Art Style: 10/10
    • Spice: 9/10
    • Handheld Compatibility: 7/10

    “Lust Academy Season 2” is a magnetic blend of fantasy and adult entertainment. Its story, gameplay, art style, and spice combine to create an unforgettable experience. Whether you are drawn in by the magical narrative or the steamy encounters, this game promises a magical, adult adventure that is both captivating and exhilarating. So, step into the halls of Cordale Academy, where magic and desire meet, and let your wildest fantasies come to life.


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    Embark on a tantalizing odyssey with "Lust Academy Season 2," a game that masterfully blends the mystique of magic with the allure of adult fantasy. This adult visual novel, reminiscent of the Harry Potter universe but with a distinctly mature twist, invites players to...Lust Academy Season 2 - Review