Captain Hardcore update adds restraints & gadget support

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    One of the most provocative and engrossing adult virtual reality (VR) games, Captain Hardcore, has just received an amazing update for the public beta build that will make even the most deviant gamers blush.

    My experience with Captain Hardcore, an ambitious adult virtual reality (VR) love simulator that doubles as an amazing first-person shooter, came to a close the week before last. The one-man independent developer AntiZero, who is responsible for creating this masterpiece, granted me access to the “Asstronaut” build of the game. This build is available to anyone who pledges approximately $20 USD to the developer’s official Patreon page.

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    The “Asstronaut” edition of the game provides eager fans with early access to the game’s experimental features and new toys, some of which have recently been incorporated into the game’s public build. The Captain Hardcore 0.9 update includes L*vesense support, along with a new location, new objects, and restraint machines.

    What is this ‘gadget’?

    L*vense is a brand that manufactures adult toys that can be controlled remotely through a computer or smartphone app. These toys, also known as “teled*ldonics,” use Bluetooth or internet connectivity to allow one person to control the sensations experienced by another person who is using the toy.

    Lovesense teledonics in VR game

    There are a variety of different L*vense gadgets available, including [eplicit details deleted] all of which can be controlled remotely. Some of these toys also have additional features, such as the ability to create custom vibration patterns or to respond to sound.

    In terms of how L*vense toys can be implemented into video games, there are a few different ways this can be done. One possibility is to incorporate the L*vense toys into a virtual reality (VR) love simulator game like Captain Hardcore, allowing players to experience a more immersive and interactive sexual experience. Another possibility is to create a game that allows players to control the sensations experienced by their partner using the L*vense toy, potentially adding a new level of intimacy and interaction to long distance relationships.

    More ‘specific’ gameplay.

    Additionally, the upgrade to Captain Hardcore version 0.9 includes the addition of a new location where you can indulge in your most sinful impulses. You will now get access to an opulent and well-appointed Manor Bedroom, which you will need to explore in virtual reality in order to get the full picture of what it entails.

    Even a controllable constraint machine can be added to liven things up. The restraint device features adjustable arms. When placing a character in the gravity beam generators, their hands and feet will be immediately constrained.

    A gravity restraint machinic has also been implemented, which means that users who enjoy the science fiction space theme that Captain Hardcore employs can now act out their kinky Star Trek fantasies in virtual reality.

    The game’s developer, AntiZero, has not only added these fantastic new features to Captain Hardcore, but has also enhanced the game’s performance and UI. Additionally, they hinted at upcoming character upgrades, such as fresh faces and style


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