Nobody – The Turnaround: What happened to it?

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    The video game industry is known for its unpredictable nature, but nothing is more perplexing than when a highly anticipated game mysteriously disappears from the digital marketplace. One such game is “Nobody – The Turnaround,” an early access game that was released on Steam in 2022. The game was unique, featuring a modern-day role-playing experience where players started off as a nobody, and it garnered much hype before its release. However, just one day after its launch, the game was quickly removed from the Steam store, and the developer cited “compatibility issues with older versions of Windows” as the reason for its removal.

    “Nobody – The Turnaround,” is an awe-inspiring game that allows players to experience a modern metropolis unlike any other. The game takes players on a journey from being a nobody, to a striver who can turn their life around completely. The game is all about taking advantage of what little you have to get through the obstacles in your way. As players progress through the game, they’ll need to make friends, take care of themselves, and find inspiration where they can. But the reward is worth it, as players will be able to live a life of luxury and excitement as a striver, with endless possibilities to explore. Despite the challenges that await players, the game encourages players to stay focused on their goals and never give up hope, reminding them that anything is possible in “Nobody – The Turnaround.”

    Nobody RPG on Steam
    Nobody – The Turnaround: What happened to it?

    Initially, many gamers were disappointed by the sudden removal of the game, and speculation started to rise as the developer went radio silent for months. The developer’s Discord, Facebook, and Instagram accounts went completely dark and were eventually deleted, fueling rumors that the game was a scam. However, with the level of detail and promised features, as well as the price of the game, many people started to speculate that there might be a more sinister cause for the game’s disappearance.

    Theories began to emerge, with many speculating that the Chinese Communist Party government may be involved, as the game portrayed the impoverished, not so glamorous side of China while taking potshots at how the government handled COVID-19 lockdowns. With the Chinese government’s reputation for censorship and suppression, it seemed plausible that they may have forced Steam to take the game down and arrested the developers, seizing all their assets, as is not too uncommon in China.

    The situation became even more confusing as a barrage of negative reviews poured in, all using similar broken language and focusing on strange aspects of the game. Some people speculated that the developers were being targeted and were laying low. However, after months of silence, an official statement was finally released by the developers in Chinese, stating that another company had stolen their assets and that the game had been taken down due to piracy. The statement also assured players that the team was actively working on adjusting the content and completing the corresponding work.

    Nobody: The Turnaround aka Most cancelled?
    Nobody – The Turnaround: What happened to it?

    According to some claims, the Chinese mobile phone publisher that had sued U. Ground, the developer of “Nobody – The Turnaround,” had in fact stolen assets from them, and U. Ground had proof of this. While the exact cause of the game’s disappearance is still shrouded in mystery, it is clear that it was a big loss for gamers. “Nobody – The Turnaround” was an amazing role-playing game that was truly like no other. Its disappearance is a testament to the challenges that developers face when bringing new and innovative games to the market, especially in a highly competitive and rapidly changing industry like video games.

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    In conclusion, the disappearance of “Nobody – The Turnaround” from the Steam store remains a mystery, even after months since its removal. While there are speculations of government interference and piracy, it is clear that gamers were eagerly anticipating the release of the game and were disappointed when it was taken down. Despite its removal, the game has left a lasting impression on many who were able to experience it during its brief stint on the Steam store. It is a testament to the developers who put in countless hours of hard work and creativity to bring something unique and innovative to the gaming industry, and we can only hope that they will eventually be able to bring their vision to fruition.


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