Steam banned this VR game/simulator for being too realistic

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    There’s a VR (virtual reality) love simulator that allows people to do anything, and I mean anything. It’s so controversial that Steam removed the game and refused to give the developers a reason… but it is obvious why!

    Valve Corporation has relaxed their policies on adult only games on Steam and there are plenty of x-rated titles available for you horny gamers. Most of these games are, by default, hidden from your search. You must go into you Steam settings and unhide these naughty games.

    To access this option, select “Store Preferences” by clicking your name in the upper-right corner of the Steam client. You can also access Steam’s account preferences page directly from your web browser.

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    To view these types of games, select “Adult Only Sexual Content” under Mature Content. Your change is effective immediately. Return here and deselect the option if you no longer wish to view these types of games.

    Your searches will now include games with “sexual content” and “nudity,” and believe me when I say that some of these games are filthier than anything you’ve ever seen in a movie.

    realistic vr sex sim

    One example of this type of game is vamX, which is a realistic and user-friendly VR and PC love simulator for Virt-a-Mate. This simulator is simply an updated version of Virt-a-Mate with several modifications. This modification adds a robust interface that allows you to hop into any scene at any time and edit it on the fly to fit your wildest fantasies.

    Sadly, Steam has removed this simulator (Virt-a-Mate) without providing even a single warning to its users. Even the game’s developers claim they have no idea why they decided to pull the game from distribution so soon after giving it their stamp of approval. But we think we know why!

    When I mentioned that vamX empowers you to do anything, I meant it quite literally. The strength of the simulation’s mechanics is only limited by the creativity of the community, and as you could imagine, there are some extremely shady characters among them.

    If you have the right set of skills you can create a 3D model of anyone and put them into the game, and it is scary just how realistic these 3D characters can be.

    Jenna Ortega, Ellie Fanning, Charli D'Amelio in VAM/vamX

    Some members of the community have produced 3D models for vamX that are an exact likeness of famous actors and singers as well as TikTok influencers. It is possible to add characters like Jenna Ortega (from Netflix’s Wednesday), Ellie Fanning (from “The Girl From Plainsville”), and Charli D’Amelio into the game, as shown in the image above.

    These 3D models are created by just one community member. However, to get your hands on them you have to subscribe to their Patreon.

    There are thousands of different Virt-a-Mate/vamX creators who make unique content, some will even craft your perfect fantasy for the right price.

    If you’re a “Disney adult” or are just into some unusual stuff, the vamX community also has you covered. There are thousands video game, anime and animated movie characters available too. Like Mrs Incredible, better known as Elasticgirl from the Disney/Pixar movie “The Incredibles.”

    There’s one creator who creates very erotic scenes with Belle Delphine and Ellie from “The Last of Us” game series.

    Ellie from The Last of Us Virt-a-Mate

    If you have the skill set you can create whatever you want if you have the right program and import it into Virt-a-Mate or vamX. There are thousands of free scenes, plugins and looks available on the official hub, and if you can’t create your own fantasy, there’s likely a creator who already has crafted it or is willing to do it for a price.

    Now, you can imagine the type of content that was being shared on Steam Community Hub and you can imagine that Valve Corporation did not want to receive copyright complaints companies or, even worse, law suits for this realistic VR love simulator. I can only imagine what type of screenshots were on the simulators community page just moments before it was banned and permanently deleted from the store.


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